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Sergio Legorreta is a Fake Communist

"For You I would give up all I own and move to a communist country" - Shakira

Don't get me wrong I would still do all that anyday for shakira however the more I find out about my family history it seems like they were all capitalist from the beginning.

I remember a conversation with my good old grandma Maria Cristina Dominguez asking her about our family history. She explained how we decent from Spaniards, French, and Russians.. , more closely ..related her dad came alone on a ship during the war in Spain to Mexico city at around 18-20 years old. Pepe, my great grandpa settled here and later help start and work for "La Costena" a canned food company that still around today! I have old 8mm footage of his Avacodo farm and him from way back in the day aqui ..

so Ranchitos Unidos and La costena became successful in Mexico City and expanded as my grandma got older and her family grew.

Now my awesome Abuelito Jose Alfredo Legorreta came from a poor family and lived with her aunt and her brother cause of some family dispute when he was born. Ironically even though he was raised by a low income family his biological mother and father came from a very wealthy family in mexico related to the owners of BanaMex one of the biggest Mexican Banks in mexico. My grandpa was a very humble reserved man even as a kid. He did very well in school loved puzzles, and playing chess. He received many academic awards .. my dad once told me that in middle school he got an award for best student but when they presented the award he didn't walk up cause he was to embarrassed and he didn't want people to see his pants with holes and patches on it. During my last trip to visit mexico my dad told me more stories of my abuelito

Anyway i have to go now but i'll continue more about my detective work to find out more about my past family as I know very little. The reason I first started writing this post is cause I was able to find a detailed article about Banamex and more info about the owners who started it here

Read About my wealthy side of the family who I've never met here

So I guess I'm related to Agustín Legorreta Ramírez

how am I supposed to be all anti-conformity, Anarchist, and communist.. if "the man" is my uncle. Can I still say stick it to the man? Viva la resistance and revolution? Freedommm ! Well at least on blogger I still can :D ... so stick it to the man people Uncle Agustín and Uncle Sam! Revolution cause we all want to change the world.

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