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YourStudiO Be a role model

YourStudiO New "Business" model Approach


Key Point - everyone will act to their self interest


How to do this while still making a business?


Is it possible to make everyone happy?



...lets step in everyone's shoes



Consumer -  wants a cheap fast convenient way to use Your Studio services, & entertainment


Local businesses - want people in their stores venues bars ect.


Economists/gov want - ways to promote growth build communities


Software/Technology -  cant depend on that for revenue - easy to copy and share + don’t have rights to all the libraries. Proprietary means dependence not able to deal with change or new….cant “talk” with others


Competition- will want to make profit using new technology I cant compete with what a big software company or other corporations will create, things can be copied so quickly…copycats of the idea will be out there


Must distinguish YourStudiO be more than a company....  in fact  dont really be a company....be more of an enterprise  



The future is Open...open source, Open Ideas, Open to change, Open for creativity , and open for growth …join your customers…. who can compete against  Community.....


Your Studio Goals - help create art, allow underdog musicians, poets, and any creative talents to be heard Promote freedom of speech, help local small businesses and possibly create fun way to make a living with good intentions for its customers and community and make everyone happy :)


Loyalty  Honesty Open Public Good Not profit oriented but oriented to profit others


Inspired by the same good hearted creators of some of the most powerful technology

some examples

, linux, php, GNU, free software foundation + smart good people and most of all a place to share ideas, think, learn communicate, speak your voice .... and all that  jazz

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