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Good Talk on NPR


This npr radio newscast above is a good topic and unresolved problem in finding a the best balance of free speech while protecting others.

i actually saw a video of one of npr's guests Nicole Wong on youtube a while ago..

yourstudio - "For serious situations such as the ones discussed in this video, censorship is not a solution. Taking away internet human rights such as freedom of expression should be avoided in almost every situation. Individuals should have the right to express themselves just as equally as any government official or group. Any country that denies this freedom to its citizens is evil. These types of technologies are a public good and should be kept available to the public at all times (my opinion -sergio L)"

that was my comment about a year ago however the radio npr broadcast brings up more complicated situations regarding protecting ones privacy or regulating posts (facebook myspace youtube ect)

.. after listening to these clips entirely

i think the a step towards solving this is by having a reliable trustable digital ID that people would protect as they would their real life identity.. that way there is accountability in both posting as well as the ability to verify creditibilty on who published... however how can you really have that ? in the current system there are too many ways to post as a fake username or completely anonymous .. not to say anonymous posts are not valuable .. in fact in many cases they are more valuable.
however haters need to know that consequences can occur..

how can we do this without limiting others of free speech or closing a true open communication system? i cant think of an easy answer... laws.. social norms... education? i dont know listen to the npr podcast and post any ideas

all i can think of is relying on

individual responsibility ..

i think social norms of respecting should develop once new technology becomes standard

bottom line offline and online treat others how you would want to be treated.. what goes around comes around.. people love to complicate things

its not that technology changes our ethics or morals they give us more power so don't ruin it for the rest of us and use it for good.

you say you want a revolution well you know we all want to change the world

you say its the constitution well you know... but when you post about destruction well you know that you can count me out

u know its gonna be alright..


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