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just found out how to beg on the internet streets

I don't deserve any pesos but i want to save this post for the future. I dont think copying and pasting 8 lines of javascript code is equivilent to standing on the streets of a city selling gum,handmade jelwrey/art, or washing windows. Im not outside shoeless in the hot dry streets of el Mexico D.F .... I'm indoors, with air-conditioning, and food + water...

Personas sin dinero tienen mas valor porque nadie puede robar dignidad.

PayPal been around for a while now had my account since around 2000. Today I read some of the latest features they've added. Theres a lot of new things you can do. Paypal was one of the first to make it easy/ secure to pay people online.(got widespread through good old ebay) + has helped many small websites/organizations stay alive. Its easy to setup an account. Once I publish my friends recordings/music I want to setup there own personal stores ... that way the $ goes directly to the artist!

just read from paypal.com how you can now pay people directly through your phone with paypal... looks like our cell phone is becoming our next credit-card/Ipod/TV/gameboy/ and eventually could be used as our next form of ID....

As of now I would like to take a second to give kudos and recognize a good friend Zack Petrey who has managed to live " cell phoneless" to this day ... i think thats cool

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