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Well I just created my first blog...cool

Surge Thoughts of the Day

Well I decided that I should keep a journal of thoughts to help me at the times when I am going insane as well as bring back some memories, but most of all figure out what the hell I am thinking and why I make the decisions I do.

Life In General
-not bad self esteem ok excited about geneva ya
Girls - Amanda Palmer idea is out of the picture, still thinking about lacy all the time, eventually want the whole friends things to work out ....but still not all the way over the whole situation and jelous as hell....and at the same time glad I'm not dating her. Friends Jon and Ian are my close old school friends right now, ian kicks ass and is way fun, I really hope his relationship between his mom and him works out and that he quits marijuana as well as doesn't get in trouble again Family Can't complain about family they are all nice to me the relationship with the whole family isn't bad.....parents relationship though I can tell is not the same and might get worse....we'll see School Its easy as hell right now not that much homework, giving me a lot free time to think considering I dont have a girlfriend and not any real hard classes. Career I am all about the yourstudio idea and god I want it to work out I need to get working on that soon - draw Diagrams, write down Ideas for the business and survey people Right now I dont want to be as involved in a tech/website type job as I used to considering I dont have the programing skills my time is running out Things to do Finish the box/scrapbook, Fix Laptop, In design Cd, Birthday p, resents for Ian Jess, gabe and chris, 3d homework, web communications homework, Sife website, GTV website, media association webster wire help, hang out with charlie record songs Things Done Today worked at schnucks, ate with parents and austin, helped fix charlie's laptop, talked to andrea, talked to matt shultheis , need to wake up tomorrow to get union money, hung out with charlie Random ideas/thoughts Today I heard about the pasific accidents and eureka's accident where kids around my age died .....reminding me of how lucky I am to not experience the close death of a loved one, life is crazy if its gone in a second whats the whole meaning of it ....what you left? If I .were to die tomorrow I would not be happy at all cause I have not left enough of anything I need to start doing stuff for people, get going in my career and quit wasting my time not getting things done. I also accidently walked in jenifer and austin making out in the basement I hope this austin kid is a good guy cause hes kinda quiet and I dont know his intentions Moment of the Day hanging out with charlie talking about girls guitars computers, and talking to megan at schnucks shes a sweet girl who deserves a sweet guy but I'm to old for her..shes a cutie along with lacy, kristen petry, amanda palmer, tasya, lindsey, ashlee the library girl and all the other girls Ill probably wont ever get to kiss.

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